Does anyone know a good place where they offer “Distance Learning” courses?

By | October 30, 2015

I need to find a reputable and legit online course to take. I would love it if someone has actual experience on them or at least know someone who does. I know that these courses are not cheap and I don’t want to commit before I have an idea on what is actually the right choice. Thank you so much in advance….!

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3 thoughts on “Does anyone know a good place where they offer “Distance Learning” courses?

  1. John Doherty

    Well, since you asked…

    There are a lot of good websites available. Find one that has accredited online distance learning courses. These will be most useful to you down the road, and if you earn an online degree, employers are going to look for accreditation most likely.

    I’d recommend checking out eCollegeFinder, where you can find a variety of distance learning courses from many different schools.

    I hope you find the right one for you!

  2. ...

    I’m going to assume you know the difference between distance learning and online learning. For distance learning I would say Standford’s Educational Program for Gifted Youth is the best (not to be confused with Stanford Online High School). I have taken a few classes at EPGY and it is great (especially for math and science)! Also don’t be intimidated by the name ‘gifted youth’ all you need are some ACT or SAT scores (depending on how old you are) or PSAT (if you are younger) or a placement if you are even younger, and you are in. I don’t know what their cut off is for the scores, but I don’t think it is too high.
    If you are looking for online learning I would say any of the Kaplan online high schools (KCPS, KHS, KU) are all fine. I go to KCPS, the courses are legit, however I wouldn’t suggest going full time there for other reasons besides the academics. But since you are looking for just one course it should be fine. I have heard great things about Keystone and Johns Hopkins school for gifted youth from other people too. All the schools I mentioned are accredited, legit, and there is a sure chance other high schools/and some colleges depending on what you are trying to do will take the credit. Good luck!

  3. Dan Russell

    If you’re looking to take classes online, you want to make sure to look for a regionally accredited college. Beyond that, if you look at public colleges (instead of for-profit private colleges), they’ll usually be much more affordable. There are lots of regionally accredited public colleges that offer distance learning courses.

    There are 3 regionally accredited public colleges that specialize in only online classes that are very affordable: Excelsior College ( ), Thomas Edison State College ( ), and Charter Oak State College ( ). They are located in NY, NY and CT, respectively, but the fact that they are entirely online means that it doesn’t matter where you are; you can be a student from anywhere.

    Charter Oak State College has a cost comparison chart on their website here ( ) if you are interested in seeing how some of the distance learning colleges stack up price-wise.

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