Do you think that employers take applicants with “online” degrees as seriously as those with traditional ones?

By | September 29, 2015

What employers consider them the same weight?

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8 thoughts on “Do you think that employers take applicants with “online” degrees as seriously as those with traditional ones?

  1. navyhm1983

    No way…

    Which would you like to have work for you? A UCLA grad or a mail in / on line from Phoenix Ariz.

  2. dr x

    I just got a great job online… both online and old school traditional ones…always follow up

  3. egymah

    Why not, if the degree is obtained from a well known university and of good reputation in the field of the specialization.

  4. outandabout

    It depends. There are some good online degrees, and it is interesting that both Oxford and Stanford offer online degrees. It is the way of the future i.e. the virtual campus. New Zealand has had a distance education university that teaches extramural students who take the same exams and get the same degrees as its internal students (Massey University).

  5. Rebecca H

    These days yes but you might want to take some classes in a traditional college as well.

  6. DENVER_27

    Many well respected “traditional” universities offer online degree programs. NYU, Columbia, Drexel, University of Maryland, UMass, and etc. These schools realize that the University of Phoenix’s’ out there are taking there student base away. These schools in order to compete had to create online curriculum in order to tap that market.

    With all that being said, employers will take applicants seriously if they have a degree from a reputable school. Besides all of these schools I mentioned don’t put on transcripts or the diploma that the degree was earned online

  7. RoaringMice

    The important thing is to get your degree from a school with a good reputation from their “brick and mortar” campus. That reputation carries over to their online/distance programs as well.

    So there are online degree programs that employers respect (UMass Amherst, U Maryland, RPI, Carnegie Mellon…) and those that they do not (Devry, U Phoenix, Keller, ITT.)

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