Do you think it makes a difference, if you take a degree online? or go to actual university?

By | August 11, 2015

discuss. I am planning to get a degree online, i dont know if its sucha bad idea? what do you think?

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8 thoughts on “Do you think it makes a difference, if you take a degree online? or go to actual university?

  1. wise_MONKEY

    Yes, take it in the university man ! dont take it online

  2. roxiecat4200

    It can make a difference depending on the online university you go to. I suggest looking around to see if any universities in the area do online degrees, usually they will not state that the degree was recieved online.

  3. sleepwalker69

    youl miss out on a whole lot of fun doing it on line

  4. jenesuispasunnombre

    A great idea. Study at your own pace and when you feel comfortable, no travelling to lectures/seminars, read when and where you like instead of inside libraries and classrooms. The degree is the same at the end as one you get from a university.

  5. lisamimi21

    take it at a university.
    it’s kind of like, a GED v.s. a hs diploma…
    yeah they’re “equivalent,” but…it’s looked down upon compared to just getting the diploma.
    those online schools, they have to go out there and tell people about themselves, ASK people to come to their school.
    universities have people pounding on their doors, hoping for admission. not to bash those who have online degrees, but i highly suggest you get a university degree because your major doesn’t matter. i know people who are science majors that are doing business, and vice versa. if you do one of those online degrees, it might be more specialized so you might be confined to only jobs of that type.

  6. xtcwmeg

    all im going to say is ive done both…

    i think for undergraduate classwork, it is better to do it at the actual campus. there is a lot more to college than the classroom work, and the social interaction is just as valuable as the pencil and paper work. the skills youll learn from communicating and presentations in front of your peers will carry with you into the workplace and give you a confidence you cant find elsewhere.

    as for post-grad studies, i think these are better taken online. at this point in your life, you are more settled, possibly working or with a family…so time becomes more of an issue.

    when it comes down to it, it really depends on the person…above is just my opinion.

    good luck whatever you choose to do! :)

  7. Serena

    It makes a huge difference socially. If you’re not interested in going to classes fully clothed, though, the internet is the way to go. I had a classmate who would show up to classes in a bathrobe, tshirt, and (I hope) undies. We called him “couch” b/c he was a couch potato. I also had a lot of fun at college that I otherwise would have missed. I learned to trust myself through my experiences and I learned a lot about other people and how to deal with their idiosyncrasies. But if the socialization doesn’t appeal to you, try the internet. I just don’t think many places of employment would take it as seriously as a degree you earned in classes where you had to deal with other people. Socialization and being able to get along with others (“team work”) are really important to some companies.

    It’s all up to you. I gave you a pro and some cons. Do what is right for you, not just what you think sounds good from some stranger in Y!A.

  8. handyman

    To start with ask yourself this question. Do I have the dedication and determination to work on my assignments on a daily basis? I attended college for 6 years and received my Bachelors in 4. I went two more years as I found out after being out 28 years when I started that I enjoyed school. I took one or two independent internet classes and they require self determation to complete. I am presently working on my Masters online and I can tell you that you need to work on your assignments every chance you get. As my professors tell us each semester, if you get behind even one day, you will have trouble catching up in the course. For someone starting college, I would recommend you attend on campus and earn your degree. That way you hear the lectures and get notes, as if you can’t understand the material you can ask questions right there that someone else might also have. Online, you have to ask and usually wait to get an answer if you have trouble.

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