Do you think an online degree produces the same quality education as a ‘classic’ one?

By | December 2, 2015
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7 thoughts on “Do you think an online degree produces the same quality education as a ‘classic’ one?

  1. Jen

    Personally, I do not. The reason I think the way I do is because I found the personal and professional interactions between fellow students and professors to be extremely valuable.

    In taking only online classes (which I have done, along with being in the classroom), you are somewhat segregated from your fellow classmates. Yes, I understand that there are message boards and email for you to communicate with each other, but I have not found that communication to be as valuable as talking face to face.

    I understand that others may not feel as I do. As I have experience with the traditional way of getting a degree along with having taken online classes, my experiences were much richer attaining knowledge the traditional way.

  2. Mysterious Panda


    Same info. Same assignments, Same gradings,

    What next, Online doctors doing operations with robots over the net?

  3. Alton H The Lordsoldier

    I believe as far as the education it’s the same. Same classes, tests etc… It’s really good for those of us who don’t have transportation at moment. Though I would agree being there live and talking direct with instructor and classmates has it’s advantages also immediate interaction with everyone. but with today’s modern technology learning at home in the privacy of your own home and learning the threads and such is actually fun and costs alot less. No insurance on vehicle, gas, wear and tear on transportation etc… So each side weighs out for good either way. Proverbs Says Get Knowledge, get wisdom, get understanding. Have a Blessed one!!!

  4. danialskate

    From my point of view,a degree is still a degree.Difference is classic is mere like a more hands on kind of learning than of online degree education.Could say exposure.Nowadays companies would look for graduates with experience working in their field.Correct me if I’m wrong.Thanks

  5. DrIG

    It is much more dependent on the teacher than where you take the class./

    I do believe that teaching tends to be better and the teachers know you better in a brick and mortar school.

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