Do you think an online degree is legitimate?

By | December 13, 2015

I personally agencies, to provide them, I respect that they recruit, because he does not respect the worth or the traditional four-year university or college courses dothe not, but I do not think that the traditional four years of graduating from high school a reasonable person from the Internet sector one person, one or two years, which is equivalent degree. Agree / disagree? Why?

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7 thoughts on “Do you think an online degree is legitimate?

  1. Khushi

    it doesnt carry any value if the employers find it worthless! i dont think its legitimate

  2. cmply_mae

    i would like to disagree on this one.. it wouldn’t be legitimate… thus, it’s different when your in a classroom in any schools or universities.. the environment’s different.. even if itsboring’ll meet new people.. friends, best friends, maybe even lovers.. i know anybody can have an online relationship.. but it’ll be much better if you met in person.. like.. love at first sight.. something like that… or much more.. you’ll find your true love.. and the best thing is that you’ll have much morre time being with each other.. passing letters.. or just lookin at each other’s eyes.. it’ll be a perfect profound moment.. memories you’ll cherish forever ^_^ cmplymae

  3. yuweesh

    i definitely agree with you, because you’re sure that a person’s been through a lot of hard work when you know he/she graduated in a university or college. There’s interaction with different people, having different activities which would involve contact with another person. It still is the best way to learn.
    Others think it may be legitimate but people who got their degrees in a traditional 4-year classroom university or college definitely have an advantage specially when it comes to applying for a job etc.


    Negative, its almost impossible to go thru ur whole degree online, there are just some classes you can not take online, u know like speech. biology(lab)

  5. theprince213

    I’m sure your opinion rather than question is justified as I think you never experienced how hard it is to study on-line. I believe that the on-line degree is perfectly legitimate for two reasons. First is that many people don’t have the luxury to spend 4 years studying in college mostly for financial reasons. Also most institutions grade the on-line exams in very much the same way they do for the traditional ones. To sum things up, time is never a measure of achievements, it is effort that counts.

  6. iamthemom2001

    Yes, many are. You need to research them carefully before applying. Start with your local community college for information on the online courses.

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