Do you respect people who have online degrees?

By | October 12, 2015

The main reason is that people control their own online degrees unable to attend a normal university campuses beond. My question is, since a lot of respect for the community who has won an online degree, and only one, or the establishment of a formal bachelor’s degree earn less than 1?

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7 thoughts on “Do you respect people who have online degrees?

  1. Wise Swan

    What difference does it make? I’m going to a college and most of the classes are online, anyway.

  2. omocron

    This would be dependent on what field and what degree you would be talking about.

  3. jesaguy

    As Tele Commuting becomes more and more the norm; an online degree becomes more and more acceptable. A number of major colleges now offer degree programs with as little as one 3 hour class, one day a week classroom work.

  4. Lynx

    I think it depends on if it’s a real degree or an honorary one. Some people just buy a degree and it’s not worth anything. I earned my first degree with no on-line classes. After that I took over 50% of the credits on-line.

  5. K T


    “Who are you comparing yourself to?”

    A person in an online school or university is respected because they are earning or have earned a degree unlike many people.

    The online schools and colleges are designed for people that need flexible schedules such as working single parents or people in a complex family situation but are there for people willing to further their education too.

    Consider the above before you go worrying about society and taboo.

  6. ½ a brain

    I respect anyone who is a hard worker, degree or not.

  7. midnightmoon

    I think its great that people can get online degrees now. I think the issue with respect is in knowing whether or not the institution is legit. When ‘online’ degrees first started coming out, they were basically nothing more than a scam. But now the idea has caught on and many regular colleges and universities offer online degrees. I think many people do not realize just how many legit colleges and universities have online options now.

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