do you agree with this list of the most respected degrees?

By | August 25, 2015

I just did a tally of an online discussion (by UK students), and this is the result:
1 medicine (24% of votes)
2 law (16%)
3 math (14%)
4 engineering (8%)
5 physics (5%)
6 economics (5%)
7 vet medicine (4%)
8 “any science degree” (4%)
9 dentistry (4%)
10 chemistry (2%)
11 history (2%)
12 architecture (1%)
13 Philosophy, Politics and Economics (1%, this is an UK thing)
14 accountancy (1%)
15 philosophy (1%)
16 languages (1%)
17 pharmacy (1%)
18 politics (1%)
19 nursing (1%)
The rest have under 1% of votes.

What do you think, do you agree with this list?

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4 thoughts on “do you agree with this list of the most respected degrees?

  1. Pi

    “math”? they didn’t need to be very specific did they? Otherwise yeah this seems to reflect general thought pretty well. Though i think philosophy history and physics should be a little higher.

  2. Looney Dufus

    You tallied the votes. I assume you can add.

  3. Valkyrie Shadows

    I suppose that sounds appropriate. I know nurses and chemists that make much much much more than lawyers and surgeons. It all depends on your personal skills and standards.

  4. Devin

    I would put engineering and physics ahead of “math”.
    I would put chemistry ahead of “any science degree”
    I would bump architecture at least past history, probably as high as just above “any science degree”
    I would bump pharmacy to somewhere around the middle
    I would greatly demote economics.
    Nursing should definitely go ahead of politics, languages, philosophy, accounting, “Philosophy, Politics, and Economics”, economics, and history.

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