Do online colleges really work? And are they for real??

By | October 5, 2015

I’m really in college, I had my first two medical treatment and my husband in medical school, he was placed in a secondary me, and now I work six days a week, 8-7 ‘m’s needs. Some go back in time. I like the dentist, I hygeinest, I can hear the network. How to really be true, my diploma ?????? please help I really need to go back before moving on to a big city to go, and the School of Medicine.

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4 thoughts on “Do online colleges really work? And are they for real??

  1. Imogen

    yes they are for real, i would not know if they work though since i have never tried them. Just make sure that the college is accredited by the state etc. some just pop up overnight and will take your money.

  2. tara c

    be careful which online school you go to. make sure that it is a local school so if you needed to you could go down and talk to an advisor if anything happened. alot of times with the online schools the credits aren’t transferrable so you have to check that they will transfer in case later in life you want to go on with your education some where else or get a higher degree. anyway good luck on the degree and just do a little research on the school it self.

  3. ace

    i dont know about the cost thing, but my mother also is intersted in going back to college. so heres what she did, i hope it helps or gives you some ideas!

    online colleges are for real, but there are fake ones! so beware. a good way to make sure its real is to check that they have an actual real life campus complete with teachers and class rooms. what you do is go online (my mom does it at night) and you get assignments emailed to you and you work on them at home then email them back to your teacher. you do have “classmates” but of course you never see them because its all done online. there are group projects, you have to get books, but you do if from the comfort of you home. now with the college she selected she did have to go to the actual campus once a week i think it was. you will get the exact same diploma as a “regular” college would offer, you just used a different method. i would recomend lots of research and if your not really computer savvy perhaps some computer classes.
    good luck! i hope you get it!

  4. Earl D

    It’s a glamorized trade school.

    Trade school do work.

    College, most truly, they usually aren’t.

    Most DON’T teach core subjects.

    They use special names for things (Business Marketing in stead of Business Mangement or Marketing) and thus can create their own sylubus.

    There are some “long distance” education courses offered by real schools and some of these trade schools ARE becoming real!

    In the Technical end, Full Sail, which used to be an audio recording school now has a full blown on campus and on line tech school AND they teach CORE

    Social Studies

    So they, while still GRAY area (Harvard may not accept their degree), they are following a Junior COllege syllubus offering lower division Core subjects.

    If your state ACCEPTS that triaining for the certification or license it’s ok.

    But I can’t imagine how you’d learn how to clean teeth at home without the equipment!!

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