Do i have a chance to make it to the Majors?

By | September 8, 2015

Ok so i am 13 going to be 14 next year for baseball. I have always wanted to play in the majors and still want to. I do what ever i can to learn more about the game and improve even more. I don’t have a real position yet but i play them all good enought. I do play some of them better then others. I am a good infielder. Can field ground balls good and make good throws. Good reaction time with a strong arm and good range. But ive want to and was thinking of being an outfielder. Because i have good range and am pretty good at picking the ball off the bat. I am a speedy guy. Im am about 2nd or 3rd tallest on my team usually at about 5’8 or 5’8” and a half. Easily the fastest or second fastest on the team. Pretty good long distance runner even with asthma (i am thinking that may hold me back) I have a great outfield arm. I find i can throw it with good speed and distance and my out field arm is nice and accurate. For hitting i am pretty good.
I had a break through year this year leading the team in hits and batted around .600. I have developing power and am doing everything to build power and hand eye coordination. Like someone that said in my last question i learned how to juggle and the last time i batted after i know how to juggle i noticed an improve in my hand eye coordination.
Oh yeah and for pitching. I am pretty good. Our team doesn’t have much pitching and with a new rule that if we pitch so many pitches we need so many days rest so everyone gets to pitch. This year and most years i am about 2nd best pitcher on my team. Way worst than my brother who is probably easily the best pitcher on the team. I could of played. I don’t know much about my pitching like speed and velocity. But im sure if i worked on it i could be pretty good but that is not my interest.
Extra info* I could of played AAA peewee baseball this year but i injured my calf while triple jumping in track this year and that really held me back from most of my sports. While not playing baseball i play other school sports like Track and Field and Basketball so it will keep me in shape.
One thing that really bothers me also is that i am Canadian living in a small town in manitoba near brandon. SO i think that makes my chances even smaller of getting scouted.

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6 thoughts on “Do i have a chance to make it to the Majors?

  1. Rangers fan ?s Josh Hamilton

    Play your way through high school and PLEASE go to college. It’s really hard to get into the big leagues and you’ll need an education to fall back on. Good luck. :)

  2. voguegirl992

    how should i know?
    this could all be bullocks really,
    no one can ever say unless they see yu perform.
    talk to your coach and see if he can book a talent scout to see you play

  3. mnational11

    hate to say it but probably not ur only in little league get to highschool and college and play on a travel ball team thats were scouts r most likely to go

  4. richnieh

    Down boy. You are writng too much.

    Talk to you family and coach first, nothing better to ask for support from your closest. If they don’t support you, then forget about it. I believe they will though if you are really serious.

    Stop hugging the yahoo answer site too much. You seem one of the kid get sudden rush about something and will cool down after 3 minutes. I hope you prove me wrong.

    One thing about any sports, practice! practice! practice! Go out playing, try some tryouts, find your limit. Compare yourself with better players in your area. I wish you best of luck. (I am 30 years old now and I wish I had your heart when I was young).

  5. andy

    4 percent of little leagues play high school
    1 percent of high school players play some type of college ball
    1 percent of college players make it to the minors or pro ball in another country
    .1 percent or college players make it to the pros

    good luck though! lets those odds motivate you.

  6. Joel D

    If you play good in high school and college, you’ll have a good chance. Good luck!

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