Do colleges look at online course grades? (AP Biology)?

By | August 13, 2015

I’m taking an extremely fast-paced AP Biology course online in an attempt to take the AP Biology test in May (The course started in Feb, so it only lasts 3 months while covering the whole syllabus). I’m rushing through the syllabus and have a B right now and I know I’ll end up with it. I don’t want the colleges to see that B though. Will they only see pass/fail and my AP bio exam score? Or will they see the score I got on the online course?

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3 thoughts on “Do colleges look at online course grades? (AP Biology)?

  1. cheerchick859

    of course they will see your online course, they can tell you took it online though.

    they will be able to see your grade as well as the pass/fail score.

    good luck.

  2. Bill

    They look at everything you did. However many colleges (eg Stanford) dont worry about your AP test score except in as far as it may confer subject exemptions – its not really an admission factor:
    ‘As a result, we do not require students to submit AP scores as part of our admission process. AP scores that are reported are acknowledged but rarely play a significant role in the evaluation of an application. Grades earned over the course of a semester, or a year, and evaluations from instructors who can comment on classroom engagement allow us the most detailed insight into a student’s readiness for the academic rigors of Stanford.’

    That is to be fair to those that did non AP honors subjects of similar rigor.

    You are required to submit all courses you have done so they will see your B. But dont let that worry you – since it is AP you get an extra bonus point so it counts as an A.


  3. Michael

    Each school has its own rules about it. You can compare their rules and students feedback here –

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