Distance Learning In Engineering: A Viable Option

By | October 13, 2015

Whether designing cars or buildings, or learning to route traffic, an engineering degree will be necessary and distance learning in engineering is fast becoming acceptable among licensing agencies.
It not only takes years of study at a traditional college to earn a degree in engineering, but in order to function as an engineer, it takes a license, usually proctored by the state in which you live. A distance learning engineering degree may not be accepted as part of the requirements to take the exams, especially if it’s not from an accredited university.
In the construction industry, for example, plans and drawings can be completed by just about anyone. However, before they begin to take shape, they have to be examined and approved by a licensed engineer. A person working as a draftsman or surveyor can take distance learning in engineering classes while working towards their engineering degree.
Back in the 1960s and 1970s, a big advertising gimmick was correspondence schools touting the earn-as-you-learn plan. You could keep your present job while learning new skills, which could offer better employment opportunities. Today’s distance learning for engineering follows the same principal but learning can be faster because it’s computerized through online courses.
Online Interaction Offers Better Communications
During the correspondence course days, if you had a question for your instructor, you usually had to submit it by mail and wait for a response. Online courses speed this process considerably as when you enroll in a distance learning for engineering programs, instructors are able to communicate by email, making the process much faster.
Some course also have the capabilities in their distance learning in engineering programs for classes or lectures to be held through online conferences, which can be recorded and played back at a time when you’re not working or committed elsewhere, such as a family event. Most of these conferences work as a two-way classroom, allowing you to ask questions and receive answers instantly. They also allow a degree of interaction of other attendees.
However, as in all online educational courses, distance learning in engineering must be achieved through an accredited agency or it may not be recognized as a legitimate diploma. If a school is legitimate, and not a diploma mill, it accreditation will be through one of the six accrediting associations covering the state in which the school is located. Without that accreditation, the degree you receive will simply be a receipt for the money you paid.

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