Davitt Moroney on Striggio’s Long-lost Mass

By | August 10, 2015

www.calperformances.org UC Berkeley musicologist and renowned harpsichordist Davitt Moroney talks about his discovery of the long-lost 16th-century mass by Alessandro Striggio “Missa sopra Ecco sì beato” in 40 and 60 parts. It is the largest known contrapuntal choral work in Western music. Cal Performances presented the American premiere of the work at the June 2008 Berkeley Festival & Exhibition of Early Music.

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8 thoughts on “Davitt Moroney on Striggio’s Long-lost Mass

  1. giacomozart

    Lovely video,
    Great Music!!!
    Striggio is my first musical love when I was child

    Giacomo Cuticchio

  2. giacomozart

    I’ve found Alessandro Striggio’s music in this CD:
    Huelgas Ensemble – Paul Van Nevel
    Sony classical
    Ciao from Sicily and good music!

  3. Monrealese

    any chance you know where or how to get the score of this piece?

    kind regards

  4. bridgitshearth

    Ditto-when will this be getting recorded, and how can I know!? Meanwhile, could there be a few teasers posted on YouTube?

  5. thatboisgay

    does anyone know where I can find a recording of this?

  6. rachmaninoffdarts

    I was singing the 59th part in this concert, it was so much fun!

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