Conversations with History: Linus Pauling

By | December 5, 2015

In this 1983 interview, Nobel Laureate Linus Pauling joins UC Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler for a discussion of the role of scientists in the peace movement. Series: Conversations with History [10/2005] [Public Affairs] [Humanities] [Show ID: 9165]

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25 thoughts on “Conversations with History: Linus Pauling

  1. RoyalSnowbird

    One of the best interviews of one of the greatest minds and humanitarian princes of peace the world has ever known. Many comments have become the reality of today. . .

  2. riemann1901

    Wow, Could Harry Kreisler have his trousers pulled up any further?!? They’re up as far as his chest! Great interview though…

  3. BrunoHP89IT

    One of the biggest scientists ever

  4. Foxrider1048

    lol u should read what u write before u post it.

  5. kapazas2002

    My grandmother has me by the ear every time his name was mentioned

  6. relyrolypoly12

    ya its really big and the school is only 5 years

  7. quantumdude

    you must be real proud of yourself !

  8. TheToFu

    And Jesus is my grand grand grand grand grand grand grand grandpa.

  9. relyrolypoly12

    my school “Linus pauling middle school” is named after him

  10. Foxrider1048

    thats my great grandpa XD no joke

  11. cosmiclight

    Pauling is still considered one of the three greatest scientists of the 20th century. The others being Richard Feynman and Albert Einstein. What dio you think they all have in common with the other three’s? Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael? Want more? 3 greatest computer heads today Gates, Jobs, Wozniak. Most greatest leaders of the world 3 greatest musicians who ever lived Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. All these people are left handed from before birth. Medical chemical fact. So much misinfo on this

  12. abyssquick

    He’s being interviewed by a muppet

  13. Entropy56

    Now the US has the B2 bomber and the F22 fighter. Whoo hoo!

    Linus did not say he was for complete disarmament but just for a reduction of nuclear weapons.
    Peace through strength, baby!

  14. Vierotchka

    When Gorbatchev offered Reagan mutual total nuclear disarmament, during their meeting in Reykjavik, Reagan backed off and refused. This demonstrates that Reagan was wrong, Pauling right, and that Reagan’s policy never had anything to do with peace. Reagan did more evil than all other US presidents combined, except for Bush.

  15. Entropy56

    Ronald Reagan kept ahead of the USSR in military spending and broke their bank. They couldn’t keep up with the US. Reagan was right and Pauling wrong. Reagan’s policy of “peace through strength” worked. Reagan did more good than all the peaceniks combined.

  16. Entropy56

    “I believe in a Nuclear Deterrent”

  17. OlivierdeAthos

    I became a (happy) career scientist because I was greatly inspired by Linus Pauling at a young age. If I succeed in inspiring my own students only one tenth as much as he inspired me, I’ll consider my career an overwhelming success.

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