Considering a career as a librarian?

By | August 30, 2015

I have a BA double major in History and Religion. I am not finding much with these majors job wise and I’m considering going to graduate school. However, the masters program would have to be online and I’m considering getting my Masters of LIbrary and Information Sciences degree to become a professional academic librarian. My problem is my undergrad GPA is low 2.5 but I got a good GRE score over 1000. Is it possible for me to be accepted into an accredited online program? What do you think about this career choice?

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2 thoughts on “Considering a career as a librarian?

  1. Beverly C

    Yes, a librarian is a good chose for choosing a career. And yes you will be accepted in to a online program for a Masters program you just have to do your research. A 2.5 is what you need to teach with, but of course you know that just keep looking and don’t give up the right door will open up for you if you still want to teach just keep applying your self. hope this help

  2. Larry B

    Things might have changed in 20 years, but I don’t believe they have changed to where it is easy to get into any university MLIS program with a 2.5 GPA. I believe there is one out there somewhere, but 3.0 is a common cut off.

    Would it be worth a lot of looking and possibly paying out of state tuition? I really like my job, but I wouldn’t recommend it to everyone. In the recession in the 90′s, I had to apply to 100 different library opening all over the US in order to find a job. It’s worse now.

    What you should do before you invest more of yourself in some college is to atleast volunteer in a library. One good thing about volunteering at a university library is that you get a staff parking permit that you can also use when taking extra classes, say in statistics, computer science, or biz mgmt. Most academic libraries salary structure are based on units post BA, so those classes would not be worthless, they could also raise your GPA a bit or they could totally change your direction to a job you’d actually enjoy more without additional college courses. You never know.

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