college course online PLEASE HELP!!!?

By | September 10, 2015

I need 1 more art & science credit to graduate with my bachelor’s but I need a school that will let me work at my own pace. I want to be finished in a week or 2, so I can go ahead and graduate. Anyone know of an online course that will allow me to work at my own pace?


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One thought on “college course online PLEASE HELP!!!?

  1. The Caffeinator

    I think finishing in a week or two is unlikely. Many online courses from a regular university contain the same amount of work as an in-class course. And at most universities, even if you are able to complete all the course work within a couple of weeks, you still won’t get the credit until the end of the semester when the grades are posted and applied to your transcript, so you still wouldn’t be able to graduate until then.


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