COLLEGE. Are online colleges just as beneficial as on-ground colleges?

By | November 2, 2015

About 4-5 years away from home educated, I do not think how I could return to the classroom. I’m going to place an online university is like. I told my father it, now he told me that some of the work does not recognize the degree online. In the final analysis, is the truth? In response to my question, but will be a high priority. Please no rude comments / Tippniagrim, the Charles

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7 thoughts on “COLLEGE. Are online colleges just as beneficial as on-ground colleges?

  1. lovelyhorsefriend06

    well, they are beneficial, but you should more likely go to the campus rather than the computer. it’s more personal and face to face there. besides, you make friends that way, too. I do all the time.

  2. bwheezy55

    i take both online classes and in person classes, and the online classes are tougher as far as work.

  3. Bella?

    Well, it really depends on who you are. I’m more of a “hands-on” student so being in a classroom environment really helps, plus you get interactions with your classmates and professors. I am currently taking an online-course and I rather like it because I tend to be the shy person in class. There’s a lot of computer related activities, as is expected with online education. Plus, with technology the way it is, you have to have a reliable computer that is fast and won’t cause you any technical difficulties. I don’t think there is any discrimination against online degrees but employers may be less likely to believe your credentials because anyone can fake a degree now if they’re not verified directly. I would recommend that you take an online class and a class on an actual campus and compare/contrast.

  4. Ralphy

    Your dad is right. There are almost no fully online colleges that are accredited (there might not even be one), which means any degree you get from them is trash. If you want college, you’ll need to go out and get it firsthand.

    Also, college isn’t like high school or grade school. Professors don’t call on you during lecture (most lectures aren’t even mandatory, though the information given during them is often on exams and relevant to the assigned work). Classes aren’t everyday from 8-3 (you choose your schedule). And you are guaranteed to meet people with similar interests if you spend any time at all outside of your room.

  5. physicist

    No, a few online courses are okay but your degree needs to be from a real college. The exception would be if online degrees were widely accepted in the field you are entering, the only thing I can think of would be IT jobs.

  6. johngrisham49

    It is not necessarily true because both degrees have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, it is really hard to tell whether the employer would or would not hire you just because you have an online degree. Maybe you can add something up along with your online degree such as some certificates or anything that can boost your job market value as a worker.

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