Clayton College of Natural Health

By | November 23, 2015

Clayton College of Natural Health, the world’s leading college of natural health was founded in 1980 by Lloyd Clayton, ND Today we have over 25000 students and graduates worldwide. Holistic health and nutrition are among the most exciting, rewarding career choices today. More people are seeking out this information because they want to take an active role in staying healthy. Therefore, traditional naturopaths and lifestyle consultants are in great demand. Other healthcare professionals are seeking to expand their range of practice by integrating complementary and holistic care. ccnh’s more than 25 year history has proven that the distance learning format for natural health is highly successful. Distance learning at CCNH offers a convenient alternative to a campus-based education — at a cost far below the tuition rates of most on-campus colleges. CCNH offers a unique educational program emphasizing health and wholeness. Students create their own learning environment, study at their own pace, and fit their studies into their own lifestyle.

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  1. CrynOut

    I had considered this years back, but then I became a hair stylist instead.

  2. akaeckmeister

    Hello, this is a decent college for naturopathic medicine. I would like people to also check out Kingdom College of Natural Health. It is where I am studying. I chose this school because it was a wider/more interesting variety of classes and price was much better. I have a friend that went to Clayton College and he liked it.

  3. foodmatterstv

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