Chemistry 1A – Lecture 1

By | November 24, 2015

General Chemistry

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19 thoughts on “Chemistry 1A – Lecture 1

  1. HaematoxylinEosin

    you might be right, his name & his accent are at least…

  2. DrSanchez666

    good after noon!!!

    funny dork!!!

    great lectures

  3. DrSanchez666

    good after noon!!!

    funny dork

    great lectures

  4. DrSanchez666

    good after noon!!!

    funny dork

    but good lectures

  5. Poncho151500

    God, all school should just be on youtube. We’d save a fortune on gas.

  6. smuggler14

    wow, im learning this stuff right now im my h.s chem class, love it.

  7. Donnie2020

    I didn’t do chem at school. You could do worse than doing a Berkeley course for free to learn it. Good stuff UC! ; )

  8. asianbarbie1

    man why was youtube not around when i was at school it would have been so easy to revise!!!!!!
    time to learn again!!!!!!111

  9. terry1919

    I wish I had this available when I was in High School

  10. thejugglenaut91

    small details? This is a college course you know that right?

  11. Atheist269

    this is amazing… you can practically take an entire course in chemistry or whatever other subject here on youtube….. This is some serious shit.

  12. numbers3934

    what a privilage to have these videos at our fingertips.

  13. bomberfun1

    He did not even mention about the product resultant that is WATER! Too much focus on the small details.

  14. SanskritZ

    i guess so but its cool to learn how university professors teach !

  15. leoris87

    yet this will be the only instructional video you’ll see.

  16. SanskritZ

    im in grade 8 and i find dis interesting!!learning online !!fun

  17. bricaligurl05

    wow that experiment with the balloon is cool, i love UC !

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