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America’s Best Football Colleges

When it comes to college, football is one of the most played sport between American colleges. Following are the best football colleges of America. Ohio State University (Columbus, OH) University of Georgia (Athens, GA) University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL) Auburn University (Auburn, AL) Pennsylvania State University (State College, PA) University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, MI)… Read More »

Online Colleges and Free Laptops – Ultimate Student Guide 2020

Online Colleges That Offer Free Laptops There are many colleges and universities available with online program that provide laptops to their students. Some of them have a return policy of returning back laptop after completion of graduation or course while others don’t. Please find the list below for online universities and online colleges that provide… Read More »

Taking Geometry in online summer school?

I’m going to try and take Geometry in next year’s summer school so I can get into Algebra 2/Trigonometry for 10th grade. I would take it at a local high school but I’m already going to take PE 2 at a local high school so that along with Algebra 2/Trigonometry H, I can also take… Read More »