Can you get an online degree if ur still in high school?

By | October 23, 2015

For example, I took the summer online courses may be some what, if I was still in high school?

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2 thoughts on “Can you get an online degree if ur still in high school?

  1. Seth

    As far as I know all online colleges require a high school diploma or GED.

  2. CoachT

    If you could finish a degree in one summer then you could but the shortest degree (associates) requires two years of full-time study and summers aren’t two years long.

    Most colleges (online or otherwise) will limit your courseload in summer session to 6-9 hours (2-3 courses). An associates degree is at least 60 hours (20 courses) and a bachelor’s degree is 120 hours (40 courses).

    What you can do is take some college classes online to get a head start or just to learn cool stuff. More than a few won’t care that you’re still in HS (some don’t even ask) and learning at the college level could really help your HS performance.

    Be careful though – if you take a college class and fail it (or do poorly) because you jumped in too soon – that grade will remain a part of your collegiate GPA. In this example you’ll have proven you can’t do college level work and will have a hard time getting accepted to colleges once you graduate. On the other hand, if you do well in the class – you’ll have a serious head start.

    Also keep in mind that college classes aren’t free. It’s pretty typical to pay around $1000 (tuition and books) for one class.

    Brigham Young University ( ) and Louisiana State University ( ) are reasonably priced. Your local community college is probably best priced.

    Did you know you can sometimes take HS level courses online and speed up your HS completion too. Check with the counselor at your school to see if this is allowed there.

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