Can you get a Physical Education degree online?

By | August 6, 2015

My husband is currently an English teacher, but is thinking about becoming a PE teacher. Does anyone know if you can get this degree from a reputable online school? If so, where? We aren’t interested in Univerity of Phoenix.

Thanks for your help!

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3 thoughts on “Can you get a Physical Education degree online?

  1. eastacademic

    He does not need another degree. He already has a state issued credential – all he needs is another authorization. See your states website – it usually only involves a few classes for what is called a supplemental authorization.

  2. Amy J

    I believe you can but I don’t think it is wise. I believe a lot of institutions will over look a person who has gotten their degree online (teaching degree) . WE are in such dire need for highly qualified teachers and there is just no way you can get the best training for teaching through online classes. A few may be alright though. In addition, you would still have to do some training and in classroom work to earn an education degree, Hope that helps.

  3. Sam M

    getting his certificationa s apersonal trainer through an online place may help, but it will be his sports history and current fitness/participation that will win him the job in the end. I can tell you that most schools will not look kindly on an armchair sportsman as their new PE teacher! lol

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