Can someone tell me if i can find a job in China after doing ESL course online ?

By | October 9, 2015

I am intending to move to China as an English teacher.I am not a native English speaker but i have a strong command of English.By nationality i am Pakistani but i have lived in Malaysia,UAE and specially in the Uk for several years.Everyday people used to ask me if i was from America because i have that accent and when i used to tell them that i am not from America,they used to be like wao…how come you have such accent then.I do not want to waste your time admiring myself.I do not have any degree but i am doing HND in Business and Management from Uk online.Am i eligible to apply as an English teaching? Do they just recruit native English speakers or do they also take other nationalities into their account who speak good English? I am thinking of doing ESL course online.They assure a job placement.But i am kind of worried that after completing this course it would be hard for me to get a job just because i am not a native English speaker.

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One thought on “Can someone tell me if i can find a job in China after doing ESL course online ?

  1. Donald B

    China requires a BA to teach English at the college level. They do not really require an ESL certificate. They are interested in oral English. The fact that you are not a native speaker will work against you, but you may still get hired once you get a BA.
    They may accept less than a BA at the lower levels, but I do not have any information about anything but the college level.

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