Can I take my Masteral degree here in USA?

By | November 9, 2015

I moved in USA, as my dad works at US gov. here. I have a bachelors degree in Asia, and would like to pursue my masteral degree here. Im wondering if those online school or universities will credit my academics? will they accept me to take my masteral, though I have my degree overseas? does any body has an idea? Im a BS computer science and wants to have masteral in Education/MBA???
( I am currently employed here not actually related to my degree, but its a decent job)

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One thought on “Can I take my Masteral degree here in USA?

  1. RoaringMice

    In the US, it’s called a “Master’s Degree”, and yes, you are able to apply to US Master’s programs so long as your undergraduate coursework was of good quality, your grades were decent, and your school is respectable.

    Each US university has sections on their website which describe what international students need to do in order to apply. They’ll often list out what sorts of undergraduate qualifications are acceptable, which exams you’ll need to take (GMAT, or GRE, and TOEFL if needed). They’ll also tell you if and how to get your educational credentials certified, if that is needed.

    You can take a masters in either Education or get an MBA, whichever you’d prefer. You’ll need to make that decision, depending on what career path you hope to pursue.

    I would honestly avoid online schools, if you can. Employers tend to strongly prefer that you attend such an important degree as a masters in person, especially an MBA.

    If you must attend school online – if you can not set foot on a campus – then go to a school that has an excellent reputation for it’s offline programs, and which is appropriately professionally accredited. For MBA, you’re looking for AACSB accreditation. I’m not sure what the equivalent is for education.

    For MBA, some examples good schools that I know do offer MBA online are:

    - U Maryland
    - Rensselaer Polytechnic
    - U Mass Amherst
    - Penn State
    - Carnegie Mellon
    - Worcester Polytechnic

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