Can I revive my college career? What are my options?

By | October 30, 2015

I had posted this under primary and secondary education but I guess it would be more appropriate here.
I’ve been in a 4 year college SUNY Geneseo for 3 years now. The first year I admit I jerked around and didn’t pay attention. At the end of that year I ended up with a 1.1GPA. This put me on academic probation and possible dismissal. I had appealed the dismissal and won on a promise of change. i had two semesters to make a 2.0GPA and I had worked at it in the end, landing at a 1.95GPA thanks to the help of doing better in a different major and retaking some courses and ended up persuading the academic committee that I needed 1 more semester and I had been improving. Sadly, at the end of the semester I had lost chances at financial aid and being financially independent, I would have to work and attend at the same time. I had decreased spending and moved out to cheaper off campus living but because the job market in my college doesn’t go far beyond the campus dining halls making minimum wage, I would need to work long hours in order to come up with the >$5000 tuition and rent. You can blame my naivety for not appealing for financial aid but I had honestly not known about the option. Because I couldn’t balance work and study, I ended up with a low 2.xGPA and the cumulative came out to a 1.98GPA. At this point I have 70 credits with many classes from that first year that I needed to retake. I had tried to appeal once again with much support from professors written in for readmission but in the end it was no use and they had decided to academically dismiss me. I don’t want to stop education as I believe it is necessary for the future. I did fairly decent in high school with a 3.2GPA and 1980SAT score. The problem is because of my dismal college GPA, I am certain that my high school GPA and SAT will have little to no weight when they consider admissions. The fact that I am at a fairly high 70 credits also lowers my chances at anything. I plan to take community college courses in addition to other online courses available in order to improve my college transcript this semester. But what are my chances of ever returning to a 4 year university if I do well this semester? Should I go to community college as a full-time or non-matriculated student and transfer? I would appreciate your advice.

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  1. Caligula

    If I were you, I’d go to community college part-time while working (and I wouldn’t bother with the degree-seeking stuff). Since you’re more than halfway through, you probably don’t need all that many classes that are available at a community college, but I’d take every one that is available at a slow enough speed that I could get As in every single one of them. At the same time that I was attending community college, I’d be working as many hours as possible while still doing brilliantly at school, and spending as little as possible. That way I wouldn’t have to earn as much as I needed to spend every semester once I returned to a 4-year school.

    Trying to do it all as fast as possible is a great way to end up with a transcript that isn’t much better than the one you’ve already got, and while it’s great that some of your professors think you have a lot of potential, just doing a little better than flunking out is not a way to make yourself an attractive candidate. Also, online classes are not a really good choice for someone who has trouble balancing school and the rest of his life. Plus, if you don’t save any money between now and when you return you’re going to be in exactly the same situation that led to your dismissal, trying to “balance work and study.”

    My assessment of your chances of returning to a university if you do well during your period at the community college, if you accumulate savings so that you won’t have to “balance work and study” quite so deftly, and if higher education remains an important goal to you? Very good.

    My assessment of your chances of returning to a university if you take “community college courses in addition to other online courses available” with the intent of transferring after one semester and go back having to “work long hours” in order to earn all the money you need not only to live but also to attend school? Not great. Chances of graduating from a university if you go back that way? Very poor.

    In addition, it’s not just the diploma that is necessary for the future: it’s the education, too. And with a C average you’re not getting that good an education.

    But whatever you decide to do, I hope it works out well for you.

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