Can I go to an American online college (like University of Phoenix) while living in Japan?

By | November 2, 2015

If i live in Tokyo, can I still get my degree in business online with University of Phoenix? If I also want to work while living in Japan, what visa do i get if I want to go to University of Phoenix ONLINE?

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5 thoughts on “Can I go to an American online college (like University of Phoenix) while living in Japan?

  1. brandon t

    lol those schools dont care as long as you have a valid credit card and time. I wish I was in Japan right now. How is it?

  2. Kindiiy

    None. Your not coming to america. Your studying at HOME!!! Jeez.

  3. stardancer

    Yes and it don’t matter where you live.that.s
    the good part.about the visa you will need to talk
    to long as you are a student.but
    you are not a class room student.

  4. duxbball2

    My Mother is a Teacher online for University of Phoenix online and is constantly correcting papers and things. She really complains when her students call her on the phone because their not suppose to i guess so don’t do that just in case and i asked her and she said A student from Tokyo can get a degree in Business online with University of Phoenix.

  5. Capt Janeway

    Yes you can. I have a BS obtained through Excelsior College in NY, USA while living in Australia, and many US military personnel obtain their degrees online while on duty in Iraq and other locations.

    UoP is quite expensive so you might want consider other regionally accredited colleges that also specialize to cater to students who cannot attend on campus and may be located around the world.

    Take a look at :
    Thomas Edison State College
    Excelsior College
    Charter Oak State College

    If you have any further questions about studying online while residing outside the USA, email me.

    Hope this helps.

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