Can I get my MBA on line without having a bachelor’s degree?

By | August 23, 2015

I would like to get my MBA online, but I don’t have a bachelor’s degree even. Is it even possible or worthwhile? Are online degrees a waste of money? What sites should I look into and how much will it cost?

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3 thoughts on “Can I get my MBA on line without having a bachelor’s degree?

  1. Goose&Tonic

    You need to have a BA/BS first… its sort of like going to college without finishing high school!

    Online degrees vary from program to program. I would suggest looking only at the larger/major universities programs. Some of the ones like Phoenix that advertise a lot are not highly respected degrees… even though they are acreditted and you still have to go through the rigamarole. However, in your case, I would suggest starting at the local community college to get some classes under your belt, decide what you want to study, and to get to work on that Bachelors!! GL!

  2. bianca b

    i have good news and bad news, No you cannot get an MBA without a bachelor’s degree. Its like you have to learn how to walk first before you run. BUt anyway if you ask me getting a Bachellor’s is worthwhile. even if you don’t pursue a MAster;s that’s fine but a bachelor’s degree is very important. Call me so I can explain more. I am part of an education consultancy, we do career conseling. Don’t worry its free and there are no strings attached. here’s the number 6820-3008 look for Bianca

  3. ESE Online MBA A

    Hello Chris,
    There are Online MBAs that require an undergraduate + some years work experience and some programs require longer work experince (7-8 years) but no undergraduate degrees.
    Hope that helped. Just drop me a line and i will send you a list.

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