Can I get financial aid for online college?

By | August 27, 2015

If I decided to take all of my courses online, like through University of Phoenix, could I get financial aid for that? I feel like, for some reason, they reserve that for on-campus students…

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4 thoughts on “Can I get financial aid for online college?

  1. Sweetie

    I believe you can. I would receive calls from the University of Phoenix and if I recall correctly, I do believe they say they do. I am currently working on a bachelors degree through Chapman University, Orange County, CA; and the Monterey campus I attend does not offer on site classes for the particular degree I want (there are several campuses just like Phoenix), I must complete it online, and I receive financial aide.

  2. angela s

    As long as the college is accredited, then government grant money can be applied for and used for your education.

  3. Tiki Maskman

    You can get Financial Aid just as easily whether you’re on campus or online. First and foremost, fill out the FAFSA (go to, not, as they are not official and will charge you). If you choose to go to UoP online, the cost is $13,400 per year. That means that if you get a full Pell Grant ($5350), you will need to cover the rest via Student Loans or Scholarships. Shop around to see which school is right for you. Do not get nervous about going $30,000 or more in debt to earn a Bachelor’s Degree. It will be well worth it. There is a very small chance of failure, and a great chance at success, if you get an education.

  4. johnnyfundae

    Yes, financial aid is available for online colleges. However, each school has unique requirements and opportunities for aid. My best recommendation would be to contact a number of colleges to find the best fit for you and your needs (tuition, schedule, career opportunities, etc.). Too often people enroll in the first school they find rather than taking the time to find the best school for them. Taking that time now could save you a lot of time, money and frustration if you choose the wrong school.
    This site has some good info on regionally accredited online degrees and some colleges that offer them to help expand your search:
    I think you can enter your info on there for any colleges you are interested in and they will send you more info for free. Good Luck!

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