Can i become a teacher with an online degree?

By | October 1, 2015

i want to teach high school history. can i get a degree online for it?

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6 thoughts on “Can i become a teacher with an online degree?

  1. Justin N

    No. Almost all teacher education includes a practical component where you actually need to teach in a classroom. You can’t get that online.

  2. Ange Kenos, Civil Celebrant

    Of course, but you will not get certified/ registered without practical experience

    Do the online but find a way to do practical teaching, maybe with a school close to your home as my sister did

  3. Vaiveahtoish

    Yes, you can earn degree online from your online college/university. I think you need keep your search more specific in terms of accreditation and tuition fee. These things that will that will matter at the end. have a list of online courses offered by top colleges and universities.

  4. Donald B

    It depends on how badly they need teachers. In California right now, it is very difficult to find a teaching position so they probably would not even consider you. If you find a rural area that needs teachers, they might hire you with just an online degree.

  5. Victor

    You can easily compare info about these schools in this site –

  6. Ace

    Yes you can become an online teacher but you have to possess at least a bachelors degree, masters degree or higher degree from an accredited university. You must be very good with computers and internet, communication skills needs to be very good and you will become a teacher for sure.
    Best of luck !

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