Can degrees be legally purchased online if you already have the knowledge required for the degree?

By | November 3, 2015

If so, where they and the world accept it?

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4 thoughts on “Can degrees be legally purchased online if you already have the knowledge required for the degree?

  1. norcot

    There Degree MIlls that will grant you a degree in anything based on your life expereince but these will not be accepted by any legitimate institution.

  2. earanger

    Most companies and government agencies check out claimed degrees. There are books and online sites they go to, and if you claimed a degree on your application, it makes your entire application suspect.
    I know of two instances where people were fired for claiming this type of degree.
    If you have the knowledge, state in your resume what your experience and qualifications are.

  3. cidyah

    I don’t know where, but there are a lot of things that can be purchased on the Internet. Even if you don’t have the knowledge, degrees can be purchased.
    Anyone who looks at that degree, can verify and validate whether it’s a truly earned degree if they want to.

  4. RoaringMice

    As others mentioned, you can do this. There are “schools” that grant degrees based on life experience and etc., but these schools are not accredited appropriately, and these degrees are not acceptable to many employers or for work with many governments. You also would not be able to use that degree to get any sort of further education, such as grad school.

    In addition, the use of such degrees is actually illegal in certain areas. One example is in New Jersey, where it would be illegal for you to put that degree on your resume.

    So, can you do it? Yes.
    Is it legal? In some places, yes.
    Will it get you hired? Perhaps by some employers, yes. But make sure that you don’t misrepresent this degree to anyone, as you could later be fired if caught out. And if it’s illegal to use this sort of degree in your state, province or country, be aware of that.

    A far more reputable option, and one that is acceptable to most employers/governments, is for you to find a bachelor’s degree program near you that is regionally accredited (I can not stress how important this regional accreditation will be to your future) and which offers an accelerated bachelors degree program for working adults. These programs will allow you to take CLEP or other equivalency tests, to prove that you have the equivalent knowledge to certain classes, and will grant you credit for those classes up to a certain number of credits (as many as is legal). You’ll have to take the rest of your classes with them, but they offer them in an accelerated format, so you can finish them up far faster than via a standard university program.

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