CalTV Special Report: Wheeler Hall Occupation

By | October 19, 2015

UC Berkeley students occupied Wheeler Hall on Friday in response to the Regents’ decision to raise tuition fees by 32% in the spring. Police reacted in kind, kicking off a contentious stand-off that would last the entire day.

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17 thoughts on “CalTV Special Report: Wheeler Hall Occupation

  1. JasonR2010

    Many feel the actions take by police are examples of police brutality. My question to you is this, what other measure to you expect police to take when a protesters are disregarding an established line?

  2. TabooTongue

    Wanted to let you know I saw your response. Thanks. I’m glad to hear it too.

  3. BGLancer

    We didn’t occupy ONE room in the second floor, we occupied the whole second floor. They didn’t come in at 5. They came in at 6:30 am, and failed at opening our doors until 5. They never came in to begin talks, they came in to take us out. There were never any negotiations between the cops and the occupiers.

    Hella Occupy, Hella Solidarity.

  4. xBruinBearx

    Dude, you’re lame. Why do you have to employ empty rhetoric about the Jewish/Palestinian conflict? The issue at stake is public education. Now do yourself a favor and get one.

  5. prestostudios

    Being anti-Irasel is not being anti-semitic.

  6. draven235

    what a joke. if we as students were really firm about striking against the budget cuts it would be more “striking” to cancel our registration and drop out. if a bunch of students dropped out it wouldve hit the administration much harder and without all this “battle” bs.

  7. snapcase55

    nice job protestors.

    it’s good to see some passion among american students

    keep it up!

  8. test2bin

    Excellent reporting. Fair and objective to both sides.

  9. babababa5288

    i wonder how he would feel if his own family was affected by a suicide bomber…

  10. babababa5288

    adam astan is a fucking idiot. that violent anti-semitic communist bastard needs to get shot by a few more rubber bullets. he’s brought so much trouble to this campus and i’m ashamed to say that he is a cal student.

  11. Shomerzai

    Adam Astan is a trouble maker. He is making Cal students a bad reputation with his uncivil behavior. Berkeley has a long tradition of free speech and peaceful protest, but UC Berkeley community will never tolerate aggression toward law enforcement officers.

  12. allitacat1

    Hey Taboo: So the small businesses that they are raising the rent for are family owned. In my 4 years at that school, I have never seen a student working there. From what I have seen, its like a family and friend business. They are trying to drive these businesses out in order to get more corporations in there.

  13. goberkeleygo

    Incidentally, Adam Astan was also wearing a shirt supporting Palestinian terrorism.

  14. TabooTongue

    I’m glad they did what they did, and the people outside did great too!
    But making demands for small businesses*? LOL Only at such a bourgie school.

    *(I assume the shops are not wholly family run, and do hire out workersstudents)

  15. SoWhyDoThat

    Security’s massive use of nefarious violence against protesters will never be forgotten or forgiven , those people in charge at Berkeley are cowards for using stormtroopers against students . COWARDS !!

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