Cal Band March to Memorial Stadium

By | June 7, 2014

The University of California Marching Band marches through the Berkeley Campus towards Memorial Stadium on Saturday, October 15, 2005. Go Bears!

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15 thoughts on “Cal Band March to Memorial Stadium

  1. DaylightRobberyCA

    Sons of California! Gotta love it. That and Fight For California are unbeatable.

  2. MCHamil

    I actually really enjoyed seeing the Tennessee band do that, and I’m a Cal fan.

  3. mangokitty

    Ah, this sure brings back good memories of good times at Cal. I’m not really the rah-rah type, but, jeez, talk about nostalgia…

  4. MonDiddy

    The fight song is kind of annoying.

  5. cinemajunkie05

    HAHAHA! We all know how that game turned out. What the Cal Band does is AMAZING and truly no other band can compare. They are after all the best damn band in all the land. Cal Band Great!

  6. brassplayer

    Aurev, the Tennessee Band’s march to Neyland is mostly downhill. The Cal Band’s march to Memorial is mostly uphill. I don’t know if you’ve ever spent any time in marching band, but marching and playing downhill is a HUGE difference compared to going uphill. It would be idiotic is wear down the Cal Band while they still have a complete game ahead of them.

  7. concordea310

    I was touring the Campus that same day, that’s the day I chose CAL. GO Bears!!!

  8. concordea310

    I was touring the Campus that same day, that’s the day I chose CAL.

  9. aurev32

    Doesn’t really compare to Tennesee’s Band marching to the Neyland Stadium where there’s 100k plus lining the street singing Rocky Top!! See y’all in month!! GO VOLS!!!

  10. calbear23

    w w w . o s k i f o o t b a l l . c o m

    great cal site, has everything a cal fan wants, highlights, articles, the fight songs…

  11. CalBandGreat

    If you’ve every looked at their schedule, it’s just amazing how much time they give to Cal. Practically the entire day on GameDay plus eight hours rehearsal the week before a home game. And then what they give for Big Game Week. CAL BAND GREAT ! (And good video of their march to the stadium too!).

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