Biomedical Engineering Jobs – where do I find entry level job?

By | November 16, 2015

I have my resume online in about 47 job websites. Alone in hotjob my resume found in Search 849 times , viewed by Employers 42 times. My resume is pretty, I paid lots money for that. However I havn’t got any job offer from biomedical companies. I got lots of offer from compnies other than biomedical. I just want to know is there any biomedical jobs out there or not. Whenever I search for biomedical job, I always see there they require to have at least 5 years of experince. If no one give us entry level job in biomedical than how can we get a job.
I know some greduate student from biomedical, most of them are working somewhere non biomedical related compnies. If this is the case why colleges are offring biomedical degree?

hobo joe, Here is the link for my resume.
I don’t know why but it doesn’t show up whole link.
here is the other half

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5 thoughts on “Biomedical Engineering Jobs – where do I find entry level job?

  1. jim b

    Good question. Biomedical is much more restricted than say civil, mechanical, or chemical engineering. It will probably just take time… Contact your college, maybe they could tell you or guide you in the right direction. They should have a career services center.

  2. Patrick J

    You may be asking for too much or maybe too little? if you are new to engineering in general which i suspect you are ? It will actually take alot more than than that, to include making sure your letters and resume are free of typing and or grammitical errors. This will turn them off very fast. Best of luck to you.

  3. MLD_Lexington

    It might be because you in the wrong area . I live in metro Boston area and there are probably hundreds of biomedical firms within 20 mile radius from my house. My BF got hired as a biomedical engineer after graduation, but he has an EE degree. I recommend calling and sending resumes to start up biomedical companies.

  4. hobo joe

    I will say now that it is ALL about your resume. If you are not getting hits from biomedical comapnies, it is because you do not have a “biomedical” resume. It’s that simple.

    if you would like to post a link to your resume I’d be happy to critique it.


    Just browsing through, you have a strong resume but you need to really emphasize your biomedical background.
    A few recommendations:
    1. Include relevant coursework! Right now you’re selling your education since you don’t have any professional experience in the field.
    2. Include GPA (unless it’s really bad). Having a decent GPA is a very strong selling point.
    3. Move “Senior Projects” above work experience. Like I mentioned above, you need to emphasize all of your work and eduction in BIOMEDICAL stuff.
    4. Change your objective to something more directed and specific, for example “To obtain a full-time position as an entry-level biomedical engineer”

    Above all, this resume has to scream “biomedical engineer”. When I first opened the file and just glanced through the top half, I saw mainly computer stuff and immediately I categorized you as some sort of IT guy.

    You need to format it in such a way that if you handed your resume to a complete stranger, they would immediately know that you are all about biomedical engineering.

    Hope some of this stuff helps and good luck.

  5. Heather

    Look for work overseas. Entry level work in your field in this country is scarce, if you move to another market you have better chances not to mention the international experience will make you a highly coveted candidate when you return.

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