Berkeley Bhangra where to do

By | August 25, 2015

UC Berkeley students busting out bhangra everywhere…dhol di awaz 9

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25 thoughts on “Berkeley Bhangra where to do

  1. trublue

    very cool video. i had a question about the umbrellas? what were their significance or motivation?

  2. DesiStud99

    dude its indian traditional dance dont diss it

  3. amitpanchabhai

    it wasn’t funny at all.

    looks like monkey dance

  4. shahzada619

    haha imagine doing that in class

  5. KillaDiablo101

    First of allll tatz freakin jokes…second wht song wuz used i forgot tha name

  6. sona161990

    u guys r funny…i wondered how the prof. reacted…

  7. zwatt

    umm…i have a question…

  8. GSingh707

    :58 – 1:18!!!!!!! SO MUCH BALLS

  9. ipskang

    Jithe Marzi pao bhangra…great yaar..Wish kade mein v kar saka…

  10. TSDhaliwal

    kam bhamra mitran nu timedas ja … i think

  11. shahzada619

    hahahah doing it during a lecture LMAO

  12. champ3660

    what the hell you trying to say? Isn’t it fkn obvious?


    hey u guyzz…..
    do u guyzz really study der….
    serioulsy askin diz…nt 2 make fun of u guyz…..

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