Bachelors in Psychology but I would like to become a Registered Nurse?

By | September 10, 2015

I work full time as a Medical Assistant though I am trying to get a degree for now my only option is Online college. Though Registered Nursing is not offered online. I was wondering if I got my Bachelors degree first in Psychology would I still have to go to school the average length of time to become a Registered Nurse because I would have already taken all of my core classes. Also, if I worked as a Psycholgist would I get paid okay and is it hard to find a job as a psychologist?

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One thought on “Bachelors in Psychology but I would like to become a Registered Nurse?

  1. Diane A

    Several issues here: first, if you got a BS in psychology 1. you would not be working as a psychologist because that requires a doctorate level degree (PhD or Psy D) and a clinical residency. Many psychologists are self-employed so pay scales are all over the place. 2. Could you work as a RN with a degree in psych? No. You do not have any nursing core classes done, but you might have most of the general ed classes done and you mighthave some or all of the pre-reqs done. So you would still need to go through the dedicated RN program, 1-2 years depending if accelerated or reqular, additional to the degree you have. If you want to be a RN; I advise going to a bachelors RN program.

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