Bachelor Degree through an online university in Business?

By | September 4, 2015

Which online non-profit universities would you recommend, whose bachelor degree is accepted worldwide and all the studying and examination is done online? Also which major in the Business area would you recommend the most? I can’t decide between Business Management, International/Global Business and Business Administrations.

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4 thoughts on “Bachelor Degree through an online university in Business?

  1. Monatomic

    Isn’t Business management somewhat like business admin?
    If u’re looking towards the prospects of going overseas then Int’l/global business would be an obvious choice.

    Personally, I think you should review the each of their course guides to check out whichever might interest you the most. For me, a bachelor degree’s rather general. So either of these 3 sounds as good.

    Not sure about non-profit uni with online platform though. Learning should take place in the classroom where there’s real-time communication. U get to build your network too.

  2. JessicaN

    You’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of brick and mortar four year colleges and universities that offer online bachelor degrees! I attached a list below.

    Many don’t differentiate between a degree earned online or on-campus — so no one has to know.

    There are plenty of these colleges that let you take a mix of online and on-campus courses, so if you want to mix it up a little, you can!

    I’d get in touch with some of these colleges and see the types of courses you would have to take to earn a degree in these majors. Just looking at what is required might help you make a decision. Otherwise, you don’t need to make a decision tomorrow.

    You can get started and take a sample of courses (and get electives out of the way) and see what you enjoy the most. Most employers just want to know that you have a degree, they aren’t normally so locked in to the specific concentration.

    Also, know that online classes aren’t necessarily going to be easier. There’s a lot of work, sometimes group projects and chats, and it can be very hectic and quite the balancing act, just so ya know. It helps if you are independent and motivated.

  3. RoaringMice

    If the college is regionally accredited and well ranked, then the degree will be accepted worldwide. There are some traditional colleges that are well ranked and which offer respected business majors, which offer business degrees online. They include UMass Amherst, Northeastern, Drexel, Florida State.

  4. Bob

    Rarely if any degrees are accepted worldwide especially anything completely online.

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