At Last An Online Education Directory That Makes Sense

By | September 24, 2015

I have stumbled upon a great website that is an extremely valuable resource if anyone has an interest in an online education.  Interestingly enough it is called Directory of Schools and it contains an abundant amount of information for anyone looking to further their education and is too busy or is somewhat unable to enter into a traditional educational program.  The developers of the website certainly took some time bringing a wide variety of online schools together. I was looking for an online school and was trying to target Universities off of the top of my head hoping that they had an online program and that they had a program that was in the area that I was interested in pursuing.  I began to get rather frustrated trying to compile and filter through all of the information and it was becoming quite cumbersome.   Once I arrived at the Directory of Schools website, I felt like I had been chasing rainbows all this time and finally found the pot of gold I hoped existed. All of the information I was looking for was right there at my fingertips and it took no time at all to settle on a number of programs that I was interested in engaging myself.  There was much more information to consider as well that I had not expected and the website laid it out for me in a very clean fashion. I discovered that not only was this already an excellent site for online degrees but that they were planning to expand their value to include blogs, additional resources, and a salary guide. I really started to maximize the value of my search by looking at their additional resources.  This not only helped me better understand what I thought I was intending to pursue but it also helped me modify what I truly wanted to do.  Sometimes it is difficult to choose a direction when you really have no idea if that direction truly suits you very well.  As I went through the information I discovered that maybe what I wanted to do was something a little bit different than what I initially thought. This website really helped me choose an online degree program that was right for me.  This was without the hassle of trying to collect all of the information for myself and then try to make sense of it.  There was information about all sorts of programs from High School, GED Programs, Culinary Arts, Aviation, as well as more traditional University degrees that can be obtained online.  I highly recommend this site as it saved me quite a bit of time in my search as I am sure it will for anyone considering making a change in their life and going back to get additional education.  I am very thankful for this site and think I was able to appreciate it more because of all of the time I had spent searching elsewhere.  It has more value than one would expect.

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