Argosy University Online vs. University of Phoenix Online???

By | October 13, 2015

I want to get a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have to work full time during the day so it makes more sense to go to school online. Has anyone tried either of the above schools? Which one is better? I seriously need help!!

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3 thoughts on “Argosy University Online vs. University of Phoenix Online???

  1. RoaringMice

    At a minimum, you want any school you consider to be regionally accredited. Otherwise, some employers will not recoginize your degree as genuine, and you certainly won’t be able to go on to graduate school, should that ever be something you want to do. So make sure it’s regionally accredited.

    And that rules out Argosy.

    While U of P is regionally accredited, it’s also a university that a lot of employers actively dislike, because it’s so famous for being online, for profit, and academically kind of sucky. If you want an online degree that’s really going to do things for you, I’d rather have you go to a school that’s got a solid reputation for their brick and mortar campus, but which also offers online degrees. U Maryland, for example, is a solidly respected school, and they offer a bachelors in psych online. Other schools that offer online psych include City University of Seattle, Upper Iowa University, and Southern New Hampshire University (surprisingly low cost for a private college, btw). But U Maryland is the star on that list. I’d have you look there first.

  2. CoachT

    Just FYI – Argosy University is regionally accredited. They are accredited by the North Central Association. They are not due for reaccreditation until 2014-2015

    As has been said though, there are likely better choices out there besides the two you are asking about.

    As for “better” – Argosy would probably rank higher in a survey simply because they are lesser known than UoP. If we ranked all 4000+ colleges in the US, both of these would be in the bottom of most people’s list.

    There are a lot more choices out there. Take a look at the search tool at Peterson’s for some ideas.

    some additional ideas for a bachelor’s in psych online include Penn State, SUNY-Empire, NYIT, UMass, UNLV, there are plenty of really good options at the bachelor’s and master’s level.

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