Are you taken seriously by prospective employers if you have an a degree from an online school?

By | October 3, 2015

If I were applying for a job in the field I want to go to school for, would an employer hold that against me? Would it be better to *go* to school? I work full time and share my car, so it’d be more convenient to do the online thing.

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4 thoughts on “Are you taken seriously by prospective employers if you have an a degree from an online school?

  1. BillC

    It would depend what school the online degree is from. There are many brick and mortar schools now offering online programs or hybrid programs. A degree from a brick and mortar school (school with a physical location) has a little bit more clout than some of the for-profit institutions that are solely online. It also depends what field you plan to go into/work in, and the people who will hire you (also including the HR Director). There are a lot of variables to consider.

    For example, I work in Higher Education. Having a doctor from University of Phoenix or a for-profit online school will most likely not get a person a faculty position or high ranking administrative position.

    You also want to make sure that the school you are attending is accredited by one of the major accrediting bodies (minimally one of the regional accrediting bodies, and then they may have additional accreditation based upon the particular subject area). A degree from a non-accredited institution might as well be a piece of toilet paper! Also check to make sure the school you are looking at is not a diploma mill. More information on that can be found here:

    While you may think online courses to be easier, they can be a lot of work. I did a hybrid program when I did my Masters Degree.

  2. missbliss

    I work for the state of CA and they don’t really give resumes a second look if they went some where like University of Phoenix.

    If it is your only option than it is what it is, but it definitely looks better to “go” to school and it is cheaper. You can’t get federal aid to attend an online school so you will have to use loans.

    Many state colleges and universities offer a large variety of online classes. So it is still possible to complete a lot of your classes online as well as attend night classes for a regular accredited university. I strongly recommend considering this option.

  3. Kristin

    Don’t get your degree from one of those on-line colleges. Both your local community college and state universities offer most of their classes on-line. THey will be your best bet because most employers do not see an on-line degree as a serious degree and rarely employ workers with these degrees. I hope this helps good luck!

    PS: Contact your local community college and a state school that offers the degree you are interested in and ask them to help you build a plan for school!

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