Are these Online Degrees helps in getting a Real Job??

By | December 14, 2015

Hello, I want to, through their own online degree and use it to future work, my work, not always attend school wud, my question is, online degrees are listed for your experience will be of the same weight as any other regular of the degree? plz answer. . Regards

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3 thoughts on “Are these Online Degrees helps in getting a Real Job??


    no.they are just wastage of time.they are of no work.they do not work . i also earned an online degree but it was of no,plz dont waste ur time

  2. bikerman

    My colleague who completed his degree on-line from University of Phoenix, was promoted to the manager’s position. They accepted his degree and qualification and paid some of it as well.

  3. David B

    From what I’ve been seeing and hearing from University Professors, On line degrees are not seen the same way as “regular school” degrees. However, it all depends on:
    1) what job you are trying to get and
    2) who is hiring you.

    Some things you just can’t learn on line (like becoming a Doctor of Medicine), so you have to make sure that your on line program is credited to give you a degree in whatever it is that you want to do.

    Certain companies don’t care where you got the degree as long as you have it, while others are more picky, so you should try to find out from your current or possible employers whether getting an online degree would give you benefits at work (promotions, raise, etc.).

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