Are there other online colleges like art institute?

By | October 16, 2015
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4 thoughts on “Are there other online colleges like art institute?

  1. HeXt

    There are other online colleges. I wouldn’t trust ANY of them.

    The art institutes are a scam set up to get government money funneled through students. They set up pretty buildings with lots of technology at an overpriced rate. Students don’t realize it until they realize they’ve been had. Most drop out and then they get left with the bill.

    Graduates can’t find jobs. The Art Institutes claim to be “meeting the demand of the market”, they neglect to tell you that it is the demand of the students and NOT the job market.

    The fields are low paying. You can’t pay for their $90,000 programs on a declining starting salary of $30,000, especially when most of these fields cap at $50,000 in their prime.

    Trust me. Been there, done that. Avoid online colleges, they suck.

  2. Webster

    I am not sure where this other guy gets his information because each online experience hinges on alot of different variables. Most of it comes down to how successful of an individual you are, how driven you are to be self motivated, and hwo much you can network. As for other online colleges being a scam…I say tisk tisk. If you want college credits, I would check out They offer college courses for credit at a fraction of the price and you can complete it at your own pace. Check out the course, request information about the programs, then if you think it is a scam, then don’t do it, however I took College Algebra, Calculus, English I and II, Chemistry and Biology and transferred them to the college I went to (Fort Hays State). Honestly, try things for yourself and make your own sound judgment, especailly when it comes to YOUR future. Online colleges are a different beast, and if you can be successful in college, then you will be successful in life, no matter what your Diploma says.

  3. Tony

    You can easily compare info about these schools in this site –

  4. Chris

    Agreed, Everyone has a different college experience and each school is different for each person. There are tons of online colleges out there that are similar to the art institutes: This is a great site because you can read about each one and request to talk to a representative from each college so you can ask all the questions you want. Then you figure out which is the best online college for you. Good luck in your search and with completing your online degree!

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