Are there any decent, accredited, online colleges out there?

By | October 22, 2015

I dont have time outside of work to go to school any other way and many of the online schools that i’ve looked at seem fishy. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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4 thoughts on “Are there any decent, accredited, online colleges out there?

  1. Lilly

    Our local community college has online classes. Check yours.

  2. Mrs. M.

    University of Phoenix is a good, accredited on-line school.

  3. RoaringMice

    When you plug something like “Online colleges” into a search engine, the results you get are, shall I say, less than promising. But there are some quality, well respected universities out there that offer online degrees. They include UMass Amherst, U Maryland, Penn State, Northeastern, U Florida, Worcester Polytechnic, Southern New Hampshire University, several of the SUNYs, and many others. You can start with the ones I mentioned.

    Also check the state colleges and community colleges in your home state. More and more of those are offering online degrees.

    In general, many employers look down on online degrees, so if you can get yours from a college that’s famous for being offline, rather than online, that makes things a lot easier when the time comes for you to send out resumes. They won’t even know you did it online, if it’s from a good school like Northeastern.

  4. tracey_leasure

    I live In PA and I have been going to the University of Phoenix for almost 3 years now. I have had alot of problems with them. I know that PENNSTATE now has online classes and wish i would have went that route
    Good luck

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