Are the online schools for writing worth anything?

By | November 24, 2015

I dont have the time to go to school for writing and have found like maybe two or three online schools in the writers digest magazine I had, before I threw it away, and have wondered if they are worth it to go to? Ive learned a lot from just books and asking random questions here, but you can never have too much knowledge can you?

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2 thoughts on “Are the online schools for writing worth anything?

  1. Red70

    Writer’s Digest is a pretty legit writers magazine. I’d trust what they have to say. But I’ve never actually tried. I’d start with reading first. On amazon you can get plenty of books on writing for $5 a piece. I have a bunch of them.

    Fiction books tell you the rules that are commonly broken by newbie writers. What kind of things to focus on at any part of the story, and points out ways to make a story stronger.

    However, if you want to take the risk of trying out a online writing school, I bet you it would turn out some pretty good work. One place I really wanted to check out was Gotham Writer’s Workshop. I’ve heard they were one of the best.

  2. LauraWrites

    I would put it on hold for now. Get some good writing books first. You may learn all you can from a few good volumes as opposed to a “school.” The schools are great for new writers and they serve a purpose, but they do not do anything more. They will not “get you published” any faster than a good instructional book can. No degree can. One of the reasons I fell in love with the writing profession is the playing field is usually completely level. Academics provides absolutely no influence unless it directly corresponds with your work (i.e. forensic anthropologist writing about detectives and crime). You may’ve gotten honors in physics, but unless that’s your topic of writing, the editor won’t care.

    So leave this as a last resort. Many “writers colleges” are incredibly expensive and aren’t worth the money. Writer’s Digest is legitimate to a point, there are many writers who believe they simply want to sell their own books about writing and make money on ad space than provide a stellar service. That’s just one of the opinions floating out there on the Internet.

    I have a not-for-profit literary site in my sig, “Appalachian Gothic” I offer free original ebooks. One of them is a very brief guide on writing that can point you to a number of writing books that have an established history helping writers.

    Feel free to register and get it. The majority of the books I list I also own and use often.

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