Are students who are only taking online courses able to join a fraternity/sorority?

By | October 6, 2015

just curious, because i noticed a lot of people are attending college but are taking online courses, some are even taking courses to a college in a different state. Would they be eliglible to join a fraternity or sorority on that campus? I would like to get answers from those actually in a greek organization, and have helped with the intake process…
thank you

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3 thoughts on “Are students who are only taking online courses able to join a fraternity/sorority?

  1. Popsqually

    A very good question and funny at the same time.

    I’d be interested to hear the responses for this one.

    I would think they should be able to.

  2. prettyakadoll1908

    If you are enrolled in an accredited four year college or university and take classes at another college, you can only submit to the school are enrolled in full time. For example, if you are a full time student at Louisiana State but take one or two online classes at Southern Univ. you would have to submit to LSU. Both schools may have different qualifications on becoming a member.

  3. Shannon

    As far as school goes, the only requirements are usually that you are enrolled as a full-time student (doesn’t matter if the hours are taken online or not).

    However, if you were not living somewhere near campus (ex. another state), it would be totally pointless. You would not be able to attend any meetings or philanthropic funtions. You wouldn’t know anyone, and if there are strict rules about attendance, you would be put on some kind of probation and probably eventual suspension since you would never be present. It would be impossible to reap any of the benefits that greek organizations have to offer, and it would be a total waste of time and money. And this would only apply if you somehow were offered a bid to join a sorority. In order to even become a member, you would have to attend recruitment in person.

    But if you are living nearby and you can attend events and participate, then it should be totally fine. An online student is treated just as equally as any other. In fact, unless you told them, there wouldn’t be any way that they could know you were only taking online classes.

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