Are Online colleges accepted in the job world?

By | August 25, 2015

If i were to take accredited classes online to obtain a bachelor degree or masters degree. Would a job recruiter look at it like a community college bachelor degree or would they look at it like im a loser. I am very interested in online classes because i do not have to be at the mercy of a lazy professor. I am interested in law enforcement ,and i want to state i am Not a lazy person i just want an education and i feel online college is the best for me i am currently enrolled in a community college and it just is not working.

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3 thoughts on “Are Online colleges accepted in the job world?


    Yes. But they are scaled as to there overall value. Any degree is better than none. Do what works for you. Unless you are in some highly technical field the school really doesn’t matter much.

  2. College Coach

    Slowly but surely employers are in fact warming up to the idea of diplomas earned from online schools. It’s just highly important that you enroll in an accredited online program (preferably regionally, not nationally) in order to prove to employers that you acquired an education from a quality and reputable school—not from the million fake “diploma” mills that are just ready to steal all of your money on the Internet. Aside from showing legitimacy and that the program you enrolled in meets a standard of education, accredited online programs should also offer federal financial aid to those who qualify. Employers are also more welcoming to students who earn online diplomas that are administered through traditional brick and mortar universities and colleges. Meaning, your local community college may offer online programs and if so it’s recommended that you take them since employers find these types of degrees to be more reliable. That’s not to say that degrees earned from pure online schools will not provide you with the proper education, but unfortunately some employers think the whole concept of online degrees are too new and foreign and are skeptical of for-profit online schools like Devry and Ashley, even though they are perfectly ok. If you do decide to enroll in a for-profit school just make sure that you use your marketing skills during your interview to showcase what you learned and how taking the course online molded you into a better, independent-minded worker. For more info on how employers view online degrees click here:

  3. Vaiveahtoish

    Yes, some employers tend to differentiate job applicants on the basis their degree. But not all employers think the same way. Some are intelligent enough to judge a person on the basis of the skill set they posses not on the degree. But yes the person going for online degree must strictly go for accredited online school. Moreover the accreditation should be from reputed organization.

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