Are online classes easier than if i go to the actual class in person?

By | September 14, 2015

I want to get an online bachelors degree. but i want to know how they work and if they are easier than in person?

Are they cheaper too?

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3 thoughts on “Are online classes easier than if i go to the actual class in person?

  1. CoachT


    My experience with online classes from reputable schools is that they are much harder than the same class in the classroom. First, they require that you actually read the entire text because there is no lecture to sit in twice a week. Also, if you have troubles, there is no 1:1 instructor time, you have to ask questions by email. There is no set time that you go to class so it’s up to you to get the work done – it’s easy to fall behind very fast.

    Most important, online classes are very writing intensive. You will write a lot of papers instead of taking multiple guess tests.

    Don’t take me wrong – online classes from a good school are good. You will learn a lot. You have to pick a reputable school though and not one of the heavily advertised, late night TV commercial schools. Take a look at the state university in your state and places like UMass, Florida State, Park University, even Harvard and UC.

    Don’t go in thinking this is the easy way, it’s simply not. It’s much easier to go to class and have a professor spoon feed you the information.

  2. Lucas H

    Actualy they are not cheaper they are generally more expnsive, and i have taken both and have found that it is easier in person, it is hard to actually motivate yourself with online classes, and often they are harder because you dont have a teacher there to lecture so youhave to self teach yourself out of the text. some classes are ok online (like pud classe for example movies class) i know people who love online classes but generally they are the type who are super motivated and get great grades and like them because they fit into there schedule better. but for the rest of us normal achieving people they are tuff. and expensive.

  3. HR

    I advise for online programs at a state institution, and the grade distribution for online courses is nearly identical to that of all on-campus courses — you do the math there.

    Ditto the Coach – and online courses require heavy focus on the read/write skills. Visual and text-based learners often love online courses, as well as those self-motivated and independent students. Those who learn via listening or doing as a primary mode will often feel like they are suffocating from lack of connection with the material – and as a result have to work a lot harder to maintain the same grades as they would face to face.

    Not cheaper. Online only schools cost quite a bit. Our difference in minimal, but then again we only have a small listing of degrees available online. Demand always outweighs available each semester, though. Online just help you learn and practice knowledge in a different media – not better, not worse as a whole, but will vary for individual students. Good luck deciding!

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