Are individual credits from online universities transferable?

By | October 30, 2015

I want to take a few courses online, but I’m not seeking a degree from an online university… Can I transfer individual credits earned online to my school of choice?

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3 thoughts on “Are individual credits from online universities transferable?

  1. onlyaneternityaway

    Actually, it depends on the school.
    At my college (Meredith College in Raleigh, NC), as long as the online university has the ability to grant diplomas (that is, it’s a licensed, accredited university), you will usually get some credit. Now, will it be credit for the exact same class? Maybe not. Usually, the department head has to look at the course description, coursework, etc. to determine what the equivalent class at the university would be.

  2. RoaringMice

    If the online school is regionally accredited, then the credits you take there are eligible to transfer to other universities.

    There are a lot of different types of accreditation out there. Your online school must be regionally accredited, or your credits won’t transfer. Read up on regional accreditation here, and how to tell if a school is regionally accredited:

    And as I said, this means that your credits are *eligible* to transfer. That doesn’t mean that they will. As with any other college in the transfer process, whether or not your credits transfer to the new school, and how they transfer, depends on the new school. In general, though; if your new school offers that class, the credits from your old school are likely to transfer. But if they don’t offer the class, the credits won’t transfer.

    It’s often best, if your plan is to transfer credits, that you stick with the basics – the classes that tend to be required by all unis – at your first school. So you’d focus on taking things like math, English, history, and maybe the first class for your major.

  3. Vaiveahtoish

    Yes credits can be transferred. But it mainly depends upon from which college you are transferring credits and to which college. So colleges accept credits from some specific college and deny some colleges credits. So ask the college you are transferring your credits. They can provide you best information you need.

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