anyone in ont,can ever taken an online college course?

By | October 27, 2015

im looking into taking a course for animal sciences through either animal behaviour college, penn foster, or international career school. i wanted to know if anyone could tell me if they were worthwhile or a waste of money. i dont want to take one if ill never get a job out of it.

has anyone ever succeeded in getting a job with an online college on your resume?

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3 thoughts on “anyone in ont,can ever taken an online college course?

  1. dizzle2633

    I got screwed doing an online class…. you have to READ THE BOOK and pay attention to when your tests are … I went to go take one of my finals and I only had like 30 min..WTF…. I passed but I didn’t do as well as I wanted to ….

  2. David

    Just because something is offered online does not automatically make it a waste of time or money but you risk wasting both if you study something that is not useable in a slow economy. The medical field seems pretty stable right now.

    I took a couple classes online through McKinley College and really enjoyed it. They did not require me to login at specific times so I had flexibility with my schedule. I don’t think they offer any classes in animal sciences but they do have some good programs that would be worth checking out. Quite affordable as well.

    Penn Foster is too big in my opinion. I called them a couple of times and felt like I was getting the brush-off. I guess they did not want my business.

    If you want to check out McKinley College you can see their website

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