Anyone heard of Western Governors University? Its a on line college that is regionally accredited.?

By | November 2, 2015

Im thinking about getting my secondary education degree there with a science teacher cert. and was wondering if anyone knew if they were a good online school, and if I had a good chance at finding a good job afterwards if I went to school there.

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2 thoughts on “Anyone heard of Western Governors University? Its a on line college that is regionally accredited.?

  1. alwaysmoose

    here’s the deal. Math, Special Ed and ELL are the areas where you could get your degree out of a cracker jack box and districts won’t care as long as you have the certification. Other subjects, principals are very scrutinizing over. I would not advise getting an online degree unless it is for the first three areas.

    If you want to teach secondary grades and you have a college degree in a subject discipline from an Accredited university (that would make you highly qualified), then get your masters online I think they may look past that.

  2. just_hanging_out

    I am working on a Masters in Math Ed. as we speak. In fact, you are lucky, since I am wasting time on Yahoo Answers instead of doing my reading.

    Here is the scoop: WGU is accredited by 3 or 4 educational institutions across the US, so that is legit.

    Honestly though, if you don’t have a bachelors already, I wouldn’t recommend going there. Like the other person suggested, it will be better for you professionally to go to a “brick and mortar” school. The costs are about the same, maybe a little more expensive, but worth it as you will be getting much more personal guidance in a tough field.

    It is difficult to enter the teaching profession except in a few areas of the country. Maybe not as hard as the corporate world, but not easy, not even for math. I had to interview 5 or 6 times to get my first position, and even with experience it isn’t easy finding a new job.

    Feel free to email me if you have any specific questions. And if you havn’t, you should browse their website:

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