Anyone ever attended Kaplan University online and recieved a refund check?

By | October 18, 2015

I just want to Kaplan University, I moved from the University of Phoenix. I have my financial support has not yet been contacted Kaplan Financial aid workers. . I know that when (Pell and loan return) will be distributed needs.

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4 thoughts on “Anyone ever attended Kaplan University online and recieved a refund check?

  1. jannsody

    I’m not sure but just a word to the wise that there are several complaints posted at this consumer website by former students from both colleges (and course credits from those online, for-profit schools, unfortunately, may not transfer to other schools): and can type into search.

    Just about all colleges and universities offer some online courses nowadays. For US colleges:

  2. Jessica Walter

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  3. Mary Woods

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