Any opinions on online college’s Kaplan vs Capella Univ?

By | December 4, 2015

Preferably from someone who has been to either one of these online universities. . .

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One thought on “Any opinions on online college’s Kaplan vs Capella Univ?

  1. Doug S

    I have attended both. I started at Kaplan in 2006 but I was having a couple issues so I moved to Capella in July 2007. One, Kaplan fron loads the financial aid. Instead of taking my financial aid and dividing it among the four quarters they paid it all up front. I got past the second quarter and was out of money and only found out when I got a bill for $2100

    Capella took my 2007-2008 and divided it equally among the four quarters. It really heped me plan for out of pocket costs and worked better with my company’s tuition assistance.

    Another major difference was the log in requirements. Kaplan made me choose a day and time that I had to be on my computer attending the lecture for the class. I was given two or three choices per class and had to pick and stick to one. This really cut down on my flexibility. My last class gave me the following options for lecture times: Monday at 2 pm, Monday at 5 pm or Thursday at 10 am. No other choices and I work fulltime 40+ hours per week.

    Capella is much more flexible. There are no log in times or log in requirements. I sign in when it works for me.

    Both are quality programs but depending on your program choice Capella has a lot more unique accreditations and designations that Kaplan does not.

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